Bitcoin Games

Bitcoin games are browser games that let you earn bitcoin for free. These games are simple to and fun play. Some games are RPG and some are action games. Websites owners pay their members in exchange for their website's traffic. There are advertisements to the game page because it the source of funds for the site owners. They apply for publishers account to advertising networks to get paid for showing advertisements in their site.

We have a list of bitcoin games you can join for free to earn bitcoin. We also include the tutorials on how to play the games so you can earn faster. Is playing these games will make you rich? The answer is no, but if you want decent aomunt of free bitcoin, then play, have fun and earn. Earning bitcoin is easier and less hastle in your part if you just play these bitcoin games.


Cryptoracers is a racing RPG game. Your role will be the driver, manager and the mechanic. To earn free bitcoin you need to win races. The more races you win the more bitcoin you earn. When a member register he is given a free car. Members need to upgrade the car, but in order to upgrade you need bitcoin satoshi in your account. To get free bitcoin satoshi you need to click the Work tab and choose a work that is right for your level.

Steps To Follow To Earn Bitcoin In Cryptoracers

1. You will need a bitcoin wallet. Get it here for free -> Link
2. Register for a free cryptoracets account. Regiser for free - > Link
3. Register for a free faucethub account. Regiser for free - > Link

Note: You need to link your wallet address in your faucethub account in order to get paid.

4. Validate and login to your account and click the Day Jobs. Click the jobs you want, after choosing a job you can now close your browser or turn off your computer. But if you pick the job the will finish after 5 minutes then you have to login again after 5 minutes to claim your reward.

5. Click the Race tab and choose Race random opponents. Look for the opponent with the same car stats or lower stats than yours. You will lose often because your car is not yet upgraded.

6. When you have enough funds to upgrade your car or buy a new car. Go to upgrade tab and choose any part to upgrade that you can afford to your car.
7. After upgrading you can now face more opponents with lower car stats and you can now win more races.

8. Just upgrade, race and work. You can earn high amount of bitcoin satoshi in crptoracers. If you want a faster car you can buy one. There are many cars available for purchase.
9. Minimum payout is 50,000 satoshi through your faucethub account.