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Bank Account To Bitcoin Using Bit Panda

Bank account to bitcoin – BitPanda accepts bank account payments via SOFORT, SEPA and Online Bank Transfer. Not only members can buy bitcoin but they can also sell their litecoin, ethereum and dash. Withdrawal options are SEPA, Skrill, Euro wallet and Neteller.

To buy bitcoin members only need to click the option to complete the transaction. Buying and selling cryptocurrencies in bitpanda is easy and quick. The site is easy to understand and very user-friendly. If your buying your first bitcoin you should buy it here in Bit Panda.

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Bank Account To Bitcoin Using Coinbase

Coinbase is the cloud bitcoin wallet website. Members can buy and sell bitcoin using this site. It charges a flat 1.49{89f04e7d226da8f2047bfb1277b4e748e959ca3c7f991ae2c73834a919692ebd} fee on all transactions and it would take 5 days for the bitcoin to be delivered and transferred to the buyers bitcoin wallet address. Buying bitcoin using bank account is easy and safe using coinbase.

Requirements To Buy Bitcoin

We are going to use Coinbase to buy bitcoin using our bank account. Coinbase is a cloud bitcoin, litecoin and ethereum wallet site. It is stable and online for quite sometime now. They have millions of users and their service is one of the best. They also offer members the option to buy or sell their bitcoin on their account in exchange for money.

How To Buy Bitcoin Using Bank Account

1. Register a Coinbase account. You will need an email address to validate your registration.
2. After regestering an account, validate your account by logging into your email account, opening the message of coinbase site and clicking the link on the email regarding account validation.
3. Login to your Coinbase account and add the details of your bank account.

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After you login you can see the price of bitcoin and if you click on other tabs you can also see the prices of litecoin and ethereum.
Members can also use Coinbase for their bitcoin, litecoin and ethereum wallet. Their services are free and their security is high.

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4. Add you bank account in your coinbase account so you can use it to purchase bitcoin. Go to Setting then Payment Method and click Add Payment Method.

5. After adding the details of your bank account just click the Buy/Sell tab and enter the necessary information needed to complete the transaction.

6. Wait for a couple of minutes to finish the network confirmation and check your coinbase account for your bitcoin.

Bank Account To Bitcoin Using Paxful

Paxful is a website where sellers and buyers of bitcoin meet. It is a Bitcoin marketplace that doen’t receive any percentage on any trades made by the two parties. Select your preferred payment method and enter the quantity of bitcoins you want to buy. It has 60,000 happy customers, 1,300 active sellers, 45,000 bitcoin bought, 350 ways to pay and around since 2015.

Requirements To Buy Bitcoin

How To Buy Bitcoin Using Paxful

1. Go to Paxful.
2. Enter the quantity of bitcoin you want to buy.
3. Specify what payment method you’re going to use.
4. Enter your wallet address and confirm your order to finish the transaction.
5. Wait for a few minutes then check your wallet for the bitcoin.

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