Best Web Hosting Company

Best Web Hosting Company

May 25, 2018 by CryptoKnight
Here are some of the best web hosting company today. These are different web hosting websites that can run your website. These are all reliable and offers the cheapest plan for it's members.
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Best Web Hosting Company

This is the second part tutorial on how to create a website. The first one is domain name registration. The third part is creating a the actual wordpress website. To be able to create a website we need to find a professional hosting for your site. You will need a web host because it will be responsible for making your site online. The files of your website will be in their web server. When ever a person type your domain name in an internet browser, the hosting provider sends the information and lets your site be accessible online. Best web hosting company doesn’t mean they are the most expensive in providing services. All web host that are included in the list are all reliable web hosting, and offers unlimited bandwidth.

Shared Hosting

There are different plans or offer a webhosting website have. You need to apply for the right plan and register to the correct web hosting site so it wont cause any trouble for you. If you only want to run one website then you can avail their shared hosting plan. In this plan multiple members share the resources of one server. So paying is cheap and your website speed will still be fast. If you plan to make or create three websites then you should apply for a higher plan that can support your needs.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting plan which your website is the only one residing in the server. All the server resources belongs only to you, the memory, disk storage and processor. This is best for company websites that needs to be competitive in their area.

VPS Hosting

VPS (Virtual Privet Server) plan which consist of multiple servers running your site. Usually online game providers use this service because a lot of power is needed to host an online game, specially when there are a lot of players are online simultaneously.

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If you have many friends, family or neighbors that also create websites and require hosting you can apply for re-seller hosting. The fee is higher but you can be actual host of their websites. You can assign resources depending on your preference. Every members of your re-seller hosting plan will have a cpanel each.

Best Web Hosting

Web hosting companies that provide hosting are the life of a website. If you register to a hosting provider that don’t provide back for your site then you should immediately find a new one. Website owners backup their site once in a while, it is a precaution if anything happens to their host server. When you have a backup of your site or website it can easily be restore to the original state in just a couple of click of the mouse.

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Applying For The Best Web Hosting Company

It is very easy to get a website hosting. You will need a email address to confirm your registration. A credit card or paypal to buy the subscription and web services. Web services includes SSL certificates if you want a specific SSL or additional whois guard.

Best Web Hosting Company

Namecheap – is among the best hosting and the cheapest. When you purchase a 9.88 shared hosting package, you will get a free domain name with a .website extension. You can host a one year for one wordpress website for only $8.88 That is mind blowing. If you will divide it by 12 then you will only pay $0.795 per month. They also have shared plans which cost only $9.88 for 3 websites, unlimited bandwidth and 20GB SSD-Accelerated Disk Space.

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  • Cheap and Reliable 99% Uptime
  • Free Domain Name (.website extention)
  • Free SSL
  • Domain Parking
  • Immediate Support
  • Domain Market Place
  • Website Builder

Hostgator – is well know in website hosting. They offer live telephone support 24/7/365 and they will help you solve your problem as soon as you call. The cheapest plan they have is $2.78 per month which you can pay monthly of annually. Their plans include unmetered disk space and bandwidth and free website builder and 4,500 templates.

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  • 24/7 Phone Support
  • Free SSL
  • Domain Parking
  • Website Builder
  • Free Advertisement Credits

Godaddy – They also have unmetered bandwidth, 30 GB of storage space for one website the cheapest plan they have is $1.24. If you look at the image you can see that the cheapest plan is PHP 64.5 it is in Philippine peso. They are one the best and stable website hosting providers.

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  • Free SSL
  • Domain Parking
  • Immediate Support
  • Domain Market Place
  • Domain Auction

DNS Server

You can choose different domain registration website and your web host. If you choose namecheap to register a domain name and choose hostgator for your web host it is possible. When your in this position you only need to your domain name registrars account and click the Manage domain.

Each domain name server is different from each webhosting site. You only need to contact the their support and ask for their name servers. When you receive their answer, you place it to your domain name server and click ok.

Adding An Addon Domain

After you placed the DNS name server you need to go to your host cpanel and click the Addon Domain. Enter the domain name you want to add and click ok. When you click the file manager you will see a folder and the name should be the domain name that you just add.

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