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You can withdraw funds to your local bank account. Just head on to your Cards & Banks page, setup a bank account you would like to receive funds to and select 'Withdraw to Bank' from menu.
This operation can be carried out on Cards & Banks page. Ensure to enter valid card and bank information where applicable.
Head on to Edit Profile, scroll to 'Email Address' section and click on 'Edit' located at the top-right corner of the section.
Receiving payment is easy. Go to Receive Bitcoin page, copy your receiving address or scan the QR code to receive.
All transaction history are available on the Transactions page.
In event where you are eligible for a refund, it will be made available to your wallet. Refund trasactions are also available on the Transactions page and you will receive an account notificaton informing you of your refund in detail.
Sending bitcoin is smooth, secure and easy. Send Bitcoin
Go to Sell to Traders page, ensure to read and understand each inout field. If you are unsure what a field means, always make reference to the icon for explanations.
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